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Are you raising funds to make the world a better place...or to pay the excessive fees of some online giving conglomerate?

Function Receive donations, sell products, allow event registrations, enable volunteer sign-ups (or petitions). Donors can give to multiple appeals with one checkout. Rigid, simple appeals. Multiple checkouts required to give to multiple appeals.
Giving via bank account (ACH) Just a 25¢/transaction. That’s it. Pay 25¢ for a $1,000 gift. 1%+ taken (plus 30¢). Pay $10.30 for a $1,000 gift.
Support for Stripe, PayPal, etc. Link them in at no extra cost (zero profit to us) If offered, pay 1%+ on top of processing charges.
Card rates Flat rate pricing of 2.85% + 25¢ for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and even AmEx. Flat rates as high as 5%, or tiered rates that promise low and deliver high.
Multiple payment channel support Use one processor for cards, a different one for ACH, and a PayPal payment option, too, if you wish. (So your nonprofit gets the best deal and your donors enjoy a seamless experience.) I’m sorry. Would you repeat the question?
Access Link to a customizable giving page or unlimited custom giving forms. You can also securely embed your giving page or form(s) in your site. Generally via a link only, or requires a monthly fee many times ours.
Data It’s your data. Export in csv format at any time. Use it within their ecosystem only.
Special Unlimited custom fields of all kinds, donor-pays-fee option, discourage credit cards option, disable AmEx option, customizable giving page, unlimited giving forms, embedding support, free white glove service. Varies but generally limited or requires a monthly fee many times ours.

GivingTools outmaneuvers the large online giving conglomerates to provide the lowest possible expenses for nonprofit online giving (think Robin Hood). We’re a small and stable company that has been supporting nonprofits for nearly 20 years.

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