GivingTools offers an amazing value to nonprofits, helping you keep more of what is given.

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Nice and simple:


GivingTools costs just $10 per month if you bring your own processor, or pay $15/mo. for CardConnect processing including ACH. No limit to the number of appeals you have or number of users. No minimum use requirements, either.

25¢/ACH gift

With CardConnect, enjoy low-cost ACH (gift via bank account). Pay just 25¢ per transaction, with no percentages taken. A gift via ACH costs just 25¢ to process, regardless of the size of the gift. Process just $175 per month via ACH, and the additional $5 pays for itself through the savings.


We add nothing to your processing fees. You just pay your processor the rates that they charge. We don’t make a penny on processing.


Link in your Stripe account and secure their nonprofit rate, which is currently 2.2% + 30¢. Or, sign up for CardConnect cards processing with your application and process cards for the rates described below. Cards processing costs a bit more, but ACH is enabled. Entirely your choice.

Optional: CardConnect Cards Processing
Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmEx2.85% + 25¢
International Donations3.25% + 25¢
Monthly MinimumNone
Chargeback Fee$35
PCI Compliance FeeNone
Early Termination FeeNone

You can link in a PayPal Standard account (2.2% + 30¢ nonprofit rate) to any GivingTools account to provide donors with a PayPal payment option, too.


You can enable your donors to cover 100% of your processing fees, if they wish. You set the rates for each payment type. Depending on the payment used by the donor (credit card, ACH, PayPal) the system automatically calculates the fee and adds it to the donation.

All together now!

With the GivingTools online fundraising platform, you can get 25¢ ACH processing with flat-rate cards processing from CardConnect, or you can opt to link in a Stripe account for 2.2% nonprofit cards processing with no ACH. Either way, you can also add a PayPal payment option for donors, if you wish. You decide what payment options you want, and GivingTools makes it all work together seamlessly. No added fees or hassles.

For video tutorials plus answers to common questions, visit our Q&A.


GivingTools makes online giving easy. But don't take our word for it...grab a demo account! Your demo account is prepopulated with all kinds of appeals. Change anything you wish. Add additional managers. View your giving page like a donor. You'll love it!

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