Questions and ANSWERS.

Why entrust our print and video work to GivingTools?

GivingTools was launched by a full-service agency that has specialized in capital campaign and fundraising communications for over 15 years. With print and video work coming from a single source, you get consistency, a staff familiar with fundraising, and a breadth of capability to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

What does it cost?

A variety of budgets are available. You can see some standardized scopes and budgets our Pricing section. That said, we understand every client has varying needs, and we can develop a custom budget for your particular situation.

Does GivingTools offer capital campaign consultation?

We work with your campaign consultant to successfully deliver your message in a way that meshes with their methodology. If you do not have a consultant, we do our best to keep you in safe waters, but nothing compares to a solid feasibility study (to set an attainable goal) and steady guidance that coordinates your volunteers and deepens their commitment to your cause. If you need a consultant, we might be able to offer some recommendations.

Will you try to “sell” us on services we don’t need?

While GivingTools offers everything from online giving to campaign websites, printed materials, and videos, we offer ourselves as a flexible resource. We are happy to work with any other vendors you may have tapped already. Our goal is your maximal success, not selling you on products. That said, we have this really great food dehydrator you simply cannot live without…

Do you offer planned giving materials?

We do offer a templated planned giving overview brochure which we can customize to your nonprofit. Just ask, and we can help.

GivingTools seems expensive for print and video. Is it?

Just as we try to offer an amazing value for our online giving and campaign website products, we are actually offering a great value for print and video. The challenge with print and video is, there are added production costs to produce things properly. While you can perhaps get these services for less, the people doing the work may merely be producing versus thinking strategically with fundraising methodology in mind. Also, keep in mind that the pricing on this site is to provide a rough sense. If you have a more limited budget, we still want to help if we can. Every print and video job is custom.

Can you produce printed materials more quickly than 23 business days?

Sometimes. Digital printing shipped close to our printer (Ohio) can sometimes be delivered a little sooner. But we know that to create materials properly, 23 business days has been a safe model, ensuring the quality people have come to expect from us.

Do you write our brochure?

We work from the case statement you provide to create copy that fits your format. If you have rough text or even polished text, we can adapt it, creating clever headlines and making the narrative as compelling as possible. We can also drop in copy for the call-to-action/giving section and can provide information on planned giving there as well. We will need you to provide a “gifts needed” table, usually drafted by your consultant.

Isn’t a local resource better?

While you may have a local resource as skilled in capital campaign and fundraising communication as we are, chances are, they are not. GivingTools is able to provide fresh ideas and work efficiently from a distance. And if you like, we can also come to you to shoot photos, interview people, and capture video footage. So we can be a local resource, too. But we have found that our products capture the look and feel of our clients, even if we have not met face to face. It may even help to not know our clients too much…we can achieve their aspirations rather than reflect what they’ve always done!


Just email us at and we’ll give you a concrete answer to any further questions you may have.