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Fathom Studio LLC was founded in 1999 and offers support to nonprofits via printed materials, web design, and videography. Having built a capital campaign website platform which includes online payments, Fathom created GivingTools in 2014 to shape and share its online processing services with a wider audience.

The GivingTools online fundraising platform (GivingTools 1.0) was soft-launched in 2014. It was designed to provide an inexpensive, easy-to-use resource for nonprofits. In December 2017, our current (2.0) platform was launched. Based on extensive feedback, 2.0 was a ground-up overhaul that enables support for multiple processors, industry-leading security, and a host of special features that are not available anywhere else. Hundreds of nonprofits use GivingTools for online fundraising, citing its unique features and responsive customer support as key aspects of their loyalty to the product.

In addition to our online giving resource, GivingTools leverages Fathom’s capabilities to offer campaign websites as well as print and video services. A mature, full-service agency stands behind GivingTools, providing stability and deep resources to help nonprofits succeed.

GivingTools makes online giving easy. But don't take our word for it...grab a demo account! Your demo account is prepopulated with all kinds of appeals. Change anything you wish. Add additional managers. View your giving page like a donor. You'll love it!

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