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Had a big wish-list for a minimal budget. Wanted appearance to be excellent, simple interface for customers, good backend for management, recurring donation options, easy to set up appeals, usable reports, option for e-check and cash donations in addition to credit card. GivingTools has been nearly perfect for a price that is better than perfect. Support has been super helpful with any questions, and our first year has been successful beyond our wildest imagination. Downloadable csv files for financial reports are life changing for the accounting side of my work. Other little features, being able to hide an appeal without deleting it, sending notifications to multiple people within the organization...lots of good stuff.

–David S., Executive Director, Medical Practice

When I first saw the prices online I thought they were too good to be true. Then when I left a message and heard right back I thought that may be to good to be true. It wasn't. I've been extremely happy with GivingTools. The product is easy to use and their customer service and technical support is impeccable.

–Jennifer J., Executive Director

We switched over to GivingTools and have had a wonderful experience so far. This platform has helped us with our campaigns and the accounting process has been much easier since switching. Our donors like the very clean, simple style of GivingTools and it has made everything easier overall.

–Rob K., President

As stated in my quick review, the software is easy to use. It is very similar to filling out an online form. If you have any problems, Customer Support is excellent! Jason, who I have worked with in Customer Support, is the ideal representative! He responds very quickly to emails and requests, even on Sunday. Additionally, he is funny and optimistic in the responses. Every company should be so fortunate to have someone like him on their team.

–Gayle H.

Selection of GivingTools literally happened over a four-day period by my superior. Since I was in a crunch at work, she worked through the setup with customer service, then passed it off to me. I was able to pick it up quickly with little instruction. The design is simple, the user manual is just 16 pages, and the support for our quick start was fabulous. Using this, instead of our usual manual system, saved me hours of overtime at a critical time. With use, I've suggested small software changes that would make my experience better, and they've been receptive. There were a couple of odd processing errors, and they've been responsive when reported. Their partner for processing online payments, BluePay, has been equally good to work with and responsive.

–Gail B., Administrator

When we started using this software, we needed a quick fix and didn't have the time we needed to really determine our requirements and find the best solution to fit our needs. We hit the ground running and ran into some issues with this product. The GivingTools team was always on the ball and provided quick turnaround for fixes and enhancements. They've taken our feedback seriously and made some great changes based on it. We are very happy with this product.

–Kristen M.

We just started using this product a day ago, so this review is primarily related to setup and service. And WOW has it been a great experience on both counts. I work with many, many vendors and this is truly one of the best experiences I've ever had. We were up and running in less than 24 hours, and our contact was incredibly responsive and helpful—truly above and beyond. And this was in the week between Christmas and New Year's, no less—not a time that I usually expect anything to be easy or quick!

Account setup was simple, straightforward and quick, and while we're only just starting to use the software itself, so far that has been simple too. It does everything we need it to do with good, though not perfect, options for customization. I'm looking forward to deploying it for our campaign and continuing to explore all its capabilities. Bravo to GivingTools for creating a product that stands out for service, functionality, cost, and ease of use!

–Lise B., Resource Development Director

The folks at GivingTools have been extremely responsive and helpful as I launch my first appeal. They offer certain functionality that is hard to find elsewhere, and their pricing is very competitive.

–Kristen A.

I have never had such amazing customer support. We started using GivingTools at the same time they were getting intermittent error message from their host company. This was forcing them to move to a new hosting company. As we all know nothing about this is good. It's hard on current users and the owners. But imagine the new customer who had just joined. That was me. The appeal itself was extremely easy to set up. Then I tried to go back in & edit and couldn't get anything to work. The next day I emailed support and started working with Jason & Josh who were amazing. Instead of saying—yip, things aren't working & we're trying to get it fixed they actually fixed it for me. Because I couldn't get in on my end, they edited the page from the back office to get me up and running. They helped me with the situation twice. They were very responsive, very quickly. They went way above what we have come to expect from customer service/support. I looked at several programs for giving pages and GivingTools fit our needs for price and features. I'm looking forward to using their program ongoing. Thank you! Thank you! You guys are the best!

–Lachelle Y., Administrator

As a mid-size nonprofit who'd not previously entered the online giving arena, we'd heard positive things about GivingTools and were attracted by its extremely low rates. After signing up and making some appeals (very easy to do!), I've received unmatched customer service, with representatives and tech people even reaching out to me proactively to make our site as attractive and functional as possible. Very impressed!

–Kelly Mainor, Assistant Director, Development & PR

We haven't had any cons with using the software. We have found it to be very intuitive.

–Patty O., Executive Director

As a small church with limited resources we had struggled to come into the 21st century with credit card giving. After a couple of aborted attempts we found GivingTools. They made it simple to set up and maintain and their personalized customer service guided us every step of the way. I give them my highest recommendation and strongly suggest you give them a try. If you've found the process confusing and intimidating these are the folks who can show you the way!

–John David C., Treasurer

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