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Appeal Types

GivingTools offers preconfigured templates to help you set up most any kind of appeal.

  • Quick Appeal (one-time or recurring for a period)
  • Campaign (payments over time)
  • Sustaining supporter (perpetual recurring gifts)
  • Ticket sales (with tiers and quantities)
  • Merchandise (sell stuff)
  • Signup (no funds change hands: volunteering, petitions)

Appeal Presentation

Customize your appeals with the options you need.

  • Customizable giving page
  • Unlimited customizable giving forms
  • Link to giving page or giving forms—or embed them seamlessly on your website
  • Create custom fields per appeal
  • Create custom fields per checkout
  • Gift Designations
  • Make custom fields required

Payment Options

Flexible payment channels, seamlessly combined.

  • Choose Stripe, CardConnect, or Bambora for processing. Add a PayPal option to any of them, if you wish (no added cost).
  • Flat-rate ACH processing through CardConnect or Bambora
  • Allow donor to pay the processing fee
  • Turn off AmEx transactions
  • Discourage credit card use

Processors Supported

We don’t force you to pay high fees or lock you in to a processor.

  • Stripe
  • CardConnect
  • Bambora
  • PayPal Standard

Manager Experience

Take control of your data, all in one place.

  • Create and track appeals on mobile
  • Set up multiple managers
  • View appeal progress by appeal or period
  • View donor histories
  • Automated year-end tax reporting
  • Export your database as a .csv

Donor Experience

Easy on the eyes, yet powerful.

  • Clear interface
  • Customized receipts
  • View gift history at any time
  • Single checkout for multiple appeals
  • Easy access via QR code
  • Give without registering
  • Update payment methods

Power Users

Pop the hood and tune it as you like.

  • Markdown options
  • Multiple database export options including pre-formatting for Quickbooks and Mailchimp
  • API

For video tutorials plus answers to common questions, visit our Q&A.


GivingTools makes online giving easy. But don't take our word for it...grab a demo account! Your demo account is prepopulated with all kinds of appeals. Change anything you wish. Add additional managers. View your giving page like a donor. You'll love it!

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