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  • GivingTools creates beautiful, responsive capital campaign websites.

    Beautiful: Your capital campaign website is attractively designed and programmed responsively, so it looks great on a desktop or a smartphone. You can edit it and see pledges from a smartphone, too.

  • GivingTools Simple interface gives access to pledges and controls.

    Simple: GivingTools’s signature interface design style is seen here in the Control Panel, the heart of your administrative interface. From this page, you can access all parts of your site. Modify your slideshow, update your progress bar, see pledges, add news, and more.

  • GivingTools Settings page allows you to set your desired functions.

    Settings: The Settings area enables you to customize your site’s functions. Turn the progress bar on or off. Hide the site prior to kickoff. Re-order the elements on your home page. Set up editors with access to edit site content but not see pledges.

  • GivingTools slideshows allow captions and hyperlinks for your photos.

    Slideshow: Display a slideshow on your home page if you wish, complete with captions and hyperlinks.

  • GivingTools progress bar shows how many pledges you've received towards your primary and challenge goals.

    Progress Bar: Show your goal and how much has been pledged towards it. Have a challenge goal? No problem, GivingTools campaign websites can show both goals and can track progress past your primary goal.

  • GivingTools pledge calculator and gifts table visualizes your donation's effects.

    Pledge Calculator: A single click on your site slides out a pledge calculator. An industry-standard gifts table enables donors to see how their generosity makes a difference. Entering a possible total pledge calculates monthly payments, then change the monthly to see the new total.

  • GivingTools pledges can be viewed and exported in csv format

    Pledges: See pledges made to the campaign. Want your data? Export your entire giving database in convenient .csv format with a single click.

  • GivingTools Q&A pages give answers to your donors based on questions your receive.

    Q&A: Provide updated information to donors based on questions you receive. Show your Q&A on the home page or with your case statement.

  • GivingTools News pages allow you to update donors with new and breaking information.

    News: Add news items and a News menu item appears in your nav bar. Use news to show campaign updates, to discuss aspects of your plans, to display testimonials from key supporters, and more.

  • GivingTools Resources allow for documents, floorplans, studies, and PDFs to be shared with donors.

    Resources: Place downloadable .pdfs and other files in resources to provide detailed floorplans, studies, or other information donors may wish to see. This dramatically expands upon what you can convey in printed materials.

  • GivingTools Our Plan allows you to show your case with words, photos, and video.

    Our Plan: Show your case with words and photos. You can even embed video content if you wish.

  • GivingTools is Easy to match your website with your printed materials.

    Easy: We set your site up for you based on your printed materials, and we provide secure hosting for the duration of your campaign’s solicitation (3-5 years)!