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Help! I'm lost in the online giving jungle!

illustration of people lost in the online giving jungle

Dear Tuppence,

Day 126: Looking for an online giving system. Am lost somewhere between Low-Rates Lagoon and the Mountains of Small Print. Please send help.


I'm with you, José. Online giving promises to bring heaps of gold to your venture in the form of larger donations, fewer missed payments, and streamlined systems. But every online giving system is different...and determining which one is right for you can require quite the expedition.

Allow me, your fearless chihuahua guide, to help you sniff out the best online fundraising system for your nonprofit!

First, it must be said that I believe that you have FOUND your online giving solution already, right here, with GivingTools. But how do you know for sure? Well, how about an even-handed, information-packed, cartoon-rich, free 20-page online giving guide?!?

You'll just love this guide, "The Fundamentals (and mental fumbles) of Online Giving". It's perfect your you or your committee to gain a structured look at the topic. And while I did not write it, I can say that it is chihuahua-approved, covering everything from "Why Offer Online Giving?" to how to evaluate the sales site, the interface, and the processor. There's even an expense calculator to help you compare apples to apples on cost. And did I mention the cartoons? Yes, I think I did.

Snag our free, 20-page online giving guide. And take note: I, your chihuahua friend and advocate, am giving you an awesome, free download without asking for your phone number, a good time to call, etc. Because that's the kind of dog I am. And, because I cannot talk on the phone. As I am a chihuahua.


GivingTools makes online giving easy. But don't take our word for it...grab a demo account! Your demo account is prepopulated with all kinds of appeals. Change anything you wish. Add additional managers. View your giving page like a donor. You'll love it!

For a free, no-pressure demo account in seconds, click below!

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