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What’s with the chihuahua?

Why isn’t GivingTools more expensive? Is there a catch?

Can I see some examples of GivingTools in action?

Do we have to be a registered 501(c)(3)?

I have a demo account and I’d like to test transactions. How do I do that?

I have a demo account. How do I sign up for real?

Is it hard to cancel?


Is GivingTools secure?

Does GivingTools generate receipts for donors?

Does GivingTools support gift designations?

Do donors have to be registered to give through GivingTools?

Do donors need a password to give?

How do donors see or cancel a gift?

Can I export my data?

Do recurring donations have time limits or do they last until the user cancels the donation?

How do I embed a GivingTools appeal in my web site?

What is PCI and what does it involve?

Does the system work overseas?


How am I notified of a gift?

When are our funds available to us?

What is ACH?

What if an ACH payment bounces?

How do I reconcile bank transactions to GivingTools activity?

How are we billed? Monthly?

Are there any special fees I should be aware of?

Can my nonprofit use a savings account or must we use a checking account?


Is support terrible?

How do I get tech support for a transaction question?

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How to create a Sign-Up Appeal

Use this appeal to gather volunteers for a project or solicit signatures for a petition. No money changes hands on this one.

GivingTools makes online giving easy. But don't take our word for it...grab a demo account! Your demo account is prepopulated with all kinds of appeals. Change anything you wish. Add additional managers. View your giving page like a donor. You'll love it!

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